Accessing PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login?

Accessing PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login?

Q. How to access the database without its cPanel credentials?

This blog will help you to access databases of cPanel users’ without accessing the cPanel account. Consider the scenario, you’ve a cPanel account and you want to share the details of a database (DB) with one of your we site developers and  actually you do not want to share the cPanel credentials.

In normal cases, to access the PhpMyAdmin you need the cPanel login credentials. In this post there is a solution for that problem. You can use the PhpMyAdmin package to access databases separately without knowing the account’s password.

In cPanel, the default location for phpMyAdmin is:

This main user will have the privilege to access all the databases created under the cPanel account. In this blog, you will find out the way to grant MySQL database access outside the cPanel login.

Download its latest version

Phymyadmin Latest version – Download

1. Download the stable version of PhyMyAdmin  (phpMyAdmin-4.x.x-english.tar.gz)

2. Upload the the tar file (ex: phpMyAdmin-4.x.x-english.tar.gz) into public folder of the shared account and extract it.

3. Rename the folder so that you can access it by an easy-to-remember URL.

The default URL should be look like:

Rename it to an easy link:

How to test?

Create a MySQL database and a database user.

You can create MySQL database and user for it from cPanel itself, under MySQL databases section.

Access the PhyMyAdmin panel from your web browser

Now you can use the MySQL username (Eg. tranzmedia_phpAdmin) and password to the access the assigned database (Eg. tranzmedia_phpAdmin). You will get a login prompt.

That’s it! Thank you!

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